Industrial Fire & Thermal Asset Protection

Solutions for Passive Fire Protection

MCL is experienced in developing systems for the protection of plant and personnel in hydrocarbon & Jet Fire hazard environments. We offer a complete service from enquiry, through consultancy, design and manufacture to supply and installation.

Starting with a client enquiry, we undergo a consultation/site survey stage which will establish the nature of solution required. It may be that we have a standard product which will meet your requirements, alternatively we can modify a standard product and give the necessary project specific certification, or if required we can design and develop a bespoke solution.

Following the design stage, manufacturing is carried out under stringent quality control in accordance with the requirement of ISO 9001.

On completion, we can either supply our product for clients own installation or alternatively we can supply experienced personnel to carry out the work.

So, whatever process route is appropriate, MCLs specialist passive fire protection engineers will provide an end-to-end solution to exactly suit their client's fire hazard scenario.

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